9 – CaseGuy for January 2011

Versatility Leads to Ottawa Contractor Success

Shane Provost has been the Vice President of Ottawa-based Carlsbad Paving for 25 years, about half the time the company has existed. The company provides paving services, as well as snow removal services and logging.

“Paving and snow removal each make up about 40 per cent of the company’s revenue. The remainder is logging—cedar much,” explains Provost. “All of our snow removal jobs are commercial ones. We do a lot of parking lots. A lot of the logging we do is clear-cutting, usually either for a new development or for farmers who want to increase the amount of land available for farming.”

Carlsbad Paving has owned Case Equipment since it was founded in 1959. Today the company owns 13 backhoes and 5 loaders. The loaders are primarily used for snow removal and sometimes for feeding/loading applications, such as feeding log processors, feeding a tub grinder for making mulch and loading stone and gravel.

The backhoes are used for excavation of driveways, grading driveways, and snow removal.

“Case equipment is reliable and well balanced; when using them, roadwork is completed quickly,” says Provost. “However, what I like the most about them is that the company kept the original boom on their backhoes. When the other companies were installing banana booms onto their machines, Case kept the old boom. This boom allows me to dig inside garages. I can go inside the full length of the boom. It is the best machine when working with overhead obstructions.

The company’s mow recent acquisition is a 580 Super M. The 580 Super M has more pushing power; its new axle provides up to 15 per cent more pushing power in first and second gears, meaning you get a fuller bucket more quickly so you can finish the job faster, and the machine’s Pro Control System provides precise control and eliminates over-swing for faster cycle times and accurate placement of buckets or attachments.
The machine is engineered to excel in multiple applications and it’s Case machines’ versatility that allows companies like Carlsbad Paving to offer diverse services using the same piece of equipment.

“2010 has been our busiest year ever,” explains Provost. “With the infrastructure projects, we remained booked months in advance and we couldn’t even bid on all of the projects we could have. And helping us with all of our equipment needs was the very knowledgeable and helpful service managers at J.R. Brisson. Any time we had an inquiry or an issue, they made the time to discuss it with us and offer real solutions.”

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