1 – CaseGuy for March 2010

March CaseGuy

For the month of March and the 1st official “Case Guy”, I am featuring Mr. Dale Argue of Dale Argue Equipment.

“I don’t smoke and I don’t drink; I just love the water,” says Dale Argue, owner of Dale Argue Equipment.
“I love boats and am always in the water and that is why I have problems. I recently had 46 lymphnodes cut out of my right arm and 45 were cancerous. The doctor asked me if I wear a shirt when in the sun; I said I didn’t when I was boating.”

Dale has owned boats for years. He even admits to succumbing to the Sea-Doo craze. He even spent six years building a 50-foot riverboat and uses it in his free time. He says people are very drawn to the boat. For three days he gave half-hour riverboat rides at the Mississippi Lady Showboats.
But, it may be going up for sale soon.

Dale owns Dale Argue Equipment. Based out of Stittsville, Ontario, since 1959, the company snow removal and landscaping services. He also sells topsoil and leases the racetrack that is on his property to MX101.

“We created the track in 1970 for snowmobiles. Than it was a motorcycle track and now the Sand Del Lee racetrack is a national track, voted second best in all of Canada.”

Dale is also passionate about his Case equipment. He has 10 pieces of equipment, all of which are Case.
He purchased a 621 last year and was so pleased with it that he purchased another one this year.

“Case has got their act together; its all the little things. Other models had too much salt in the rear end. After you worked with the 621’s all winter there was no salt in the motor. It was clean as a whistle, like it just came out of the shop.”

Dale also owns a 580E.
“People know the good series. When people see it, they ask me if they can buy it,” explains Dale.

After meeting Dale earlier this year I felt that Dale had a great story to share as he speaks so openly and expresses passion and sincerity. It’s always a pleasure visiting and talking with you Dale. Keep up the good work and the great spirits of living.

Thank you for being the 1st official “Case Guy”!

Please note Dale’s 16′ snow pushers are is his own creation.

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