3 – CaseGuy for May 2010

A Key to Success: Repeat Business Through Good Service

Maurice Yelle Equipment Rentals Ltd. is a well-known, Ottawa-based rental company, rents out equipment with operator for commercial and municipal projects. Their two largest markets are the sewage and water market and the custom homes market. Company President, Maurice Yelle, credits his success to building good relationships with dealers. Maurice’s dealer of choice is Case dealer, JR Brisson.
Sylvain, Dominique, Maurice
“I have a lot of confidence in them,” says Maurice. “I have known the company founders, JR and Gilberte, for 30 years and they have treated me very well the whole time. Plus, their shop is nearby and it has great parts inventory.”

Standing on a New 580 Super M Series 3

Thirty years is also how long Maurice has been using Case Equipment. Currently, Maurice Yelle Equipment Rentals has 8 backhoes and one loader in its fleet. Maurice purchased three new Case 580’s last month from JR Brisson.

“Case Equipment comes with great service and performs well,” says Maurice.

“The operators just love them,” says Maurice’s son, Sylvain. “They can do whatever task we put them to.”

Sylvain is the President and Director of Operations at the other company that Maurice started: Maurice Yelle Snow Removal. The company, also based out of Ottawa, has been performing mostly commercial snow removal for about 25 years.

Partial Case Backhoe Line-UpMaurice Yelle's Backhoe

2003 - Maurice Yelle LTD. 40 Year Anniversary“Sewage and water are never the same,” explains Sylvain. I really love the challenge of overcoming any hurdles at each new project.”

Business has been going well for both companies. Money used to stimulate the economy through infrastructure means that a lot of sewage and water contracts have become available recently and that more contracts are expected to come “down the pipeline” in the near future.

“Also, I know that Canada is in a slump right now but the higher end homes don’t seem to be affected much,” explains Sylvain. “So, we have a lot of work right now.”

“We also have a lot of work because we provide great service,” says Maurice. “We have had some clients for 30 years or more and the reason they keep coming back is the service. We aren’t necessarily the cheapest, but customers keep coming back because of the service. That is why we provide great service and that is why we are a client of JR Brisson.”

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  1. I used to work for Maurice Yelle and all I can say is I have alot of respect for this company,I was always treated good.Congrats Maurice

  2. Adam McDonald says:

    I have had the PLEASURE of knowing Maurice Yelle on a personal and business level for the last 20 years. I have met many business people and I can truly say Maurice is a TRUE gentleman and a good friend. He is always happy and a insperation to talk to. He has endured hard times like everyone else and he just “keeps on trucking”…His success is well known in the Ottawa area and the company is well recognized as a leader in the industry. CONGRATS to my good friend Maurice for surviving all these years. It is a testament to his knowledge, hard work and attitude toward people. He’s the BEST!!…..

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