4 – CaseGuy for June 2010

Excavating Company Relies on Case for All Excavating Projects

“There is a lot of money in infrastructure in Ottawa,” says Ken Brown, President of H Ken Brown Excavating. “Everybody’s working.”
H Ken Brown Excavating, an Ottawa based excavating company working primarily in site preparation and sewer installation and repair, currently has 40-some jobs on the go.

And the equipment manufacturer that Ken trusts to serve their customers is Case.

“I purchased my first Case backhoe 30 years ago.”Case is the only backhoe I have ever owned.”

Ken Brown owns five Case 580 Super M backhoe’s, one Case 445 skidsteer and a Case 650K bulldozer. His latest purchase was a Case 580 Super M. It is currently being used to excavate on a housing project.

Ken Brown Excavating

“The backhoe is very productive, which improves my bottom line,” says Brown. “And it is very ergonomic. My operators love operating them.”

Case backhoes feature an over-center backhoe design, grouped ground-line service checks, an exclusive thumb-proportional control for the Extendahoe that provides relaxed and precise fingertip operation, and auto-up stabilizers that can be raised while swiveling the seat to the loader position for faster turn-around and increased productivity.

Brown purchases his Case equipment from JR. Brisson.

“I have been dealing with JR. Brisson for 20 years,” says Brown. If you are treated well by people, then you tend to reciprocate and the relationship will work both ways.”

Brown, who describes himself as a loyal person, takes the same approach with his clients. Most of his clients have been clients for two to three decades.

Ken Brown Excavating

“We are just a small company with a niche in the market,” says Brown, who employs 19 staff through H Ken Brown Excavating. “What we offer is excellent service. Most of our customers have been with us for the long term. We rarely price against anybody.”

Ken Brown Excavating

Case 445 Skidsteer

Brown admits that working with his staff to help customers find equipment solutions, from backhoes to power tools, is what he enjoys best about his job.

However, when he is not at work, he likes to play golf or darts at the Ottawa/Nepean sports club or go cottaging with his two daughters.

Ken Brown

H. Ken Brown Excavating Ltd‎

(613) 228-1858

Cleopatra Drive, Nepean, ON

K2G 0B3

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  1. Leo Lawlor says:

    Reading your recent news letter caused me to write you as to your firms selection for favourable recognition of Companies to whom you sell your product…I must compliment you on your selection for the month being H. Ken Brown Excavating . I have know Mr. Brown for some 25 yrs plus and concur with your statement as to his integrity and loyalty, not only to your firm but strong commitment to his employee’s, customers and friends.

    My congratulatiosn to Ken and staff, He certainly deserves your recognition.
    L.A.Lawlor , Ottawa
    Just a light side note, He really needs to practice his golf skills.

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