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Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario

Executive Director for Ontario Heavy Equipment Training Trusts Case Equipment

Harold McBride, Executive Director of Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario (OETIO), is very proud of the fact that OETIO’s training program gives people the necessary skills to graduate into the trade of heavy equipment operator.

“Industry has recognized that OETIO does proper training and the focus is on 78 hours of in class theory training and each student has his own machine which gives the student 162 hours of actual machine seat time,” says McBride. “This is important to the industry because they are the ones that are requesting training organizations to give students more hours on the actual piece of heavy equipment in order for the student to operate the equipment at an industry efficiency level.”

And the equipment on which the students learn their heavy equipment training is Case equipment.

“I like Case equipment,” says Harold, it is very durable and reliable.” And Harold has had a lot of experience operating equipment; he was a heavy equipment operator for 25 years before joining OETIO. Harold has professionally operated tractor-loader-backhoes, loaders, dozers and excavators for civic, road and residential construction.

Harold says he switched careers when the instructor position was offered to him. “It was a position that was offered to me by the Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario. I was particularly interested in the job because it is a very gratifying job when you can help a young apprentice enter into a trade that has the potential to support him and his family for the rest of his career.”

OETIO owns 15 – Case Tractor-Loader-Backhoes, 1 – 850 Case Dozer, 6 – Case 9010 Excavators and 4 – Case Compact Excavators.

“OETIO made the last purchase of Case equipment based on the reliability of the previous excavators, and tractor-loader-backhoes that were purchased in the year 2000,” says Harold. “OETIO has had extremely good performance and reliability from the Case TLB’s that they have purchase and used over the last 15 years. OETIO bases its training quality on machine seat time, so every student gets their own machine for the entire 162 hours of field training. In order to do this and accommodate the training requests, OETIO must always be adding additional equipment to the increased demand for heavy equipment training.

Their most recent purchases, was 4 – Case Compact Excavators and 8 – Case 580M tractor-loader-backhoes, purchased from JR Brisson Equipment in Vars.

“The service from JR Brisson is excellent,” says Harold. “They are always professional and reliable. When repairs are needed, parts are supplied in a very efficient manner which results in low down time for our Case Equipment

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