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Commercial Snow Removal Company Admits Great Machines Make Tough Work Easier

Are you prepared for winter? Frank Bérubé, President and Owner of Franick Road Services is more than ready. Franick Road Services has been providing snow removal services for commercial properties in the Ottawa area for 30 years.

“I have some of the most reliable equipment at my disposal,” states Bérubé. “I have been using Case Construction Equipment since I purchased my first 580 loader backhoe in 1992.”

Franick Road Services uses several Case wheel loaders and three 570M Series loader/tool carriers to clear snow from parking lots and sidewalks at commercial properties.

Franick Road Services

The Case 570’s are equipped with several features that make it well suited for snow removal. The machine’s loader lift capacity and breakout forces help deliver fast cycle times, an automatic self-leveling feature minimizes bucket spills as the loader is raised, Ride Control helps cushion the loader arms to prevent spills when carrying full loads over rough terrain, and the machine’s ability to handle a variety of attachments make the machine a good match for snow removal.

Bérubé, who now focuses on management of the company and providing great customer service, doesn’t operate the machines anymore but he remembers the comfortable cab, great visibility to the loader bucket and box blade, and easy serviceability.

“The Case machines rarely needed servicing,” says Bérubé. “But when they did, I trusted them to JR Brisson. They offer great service and are conveniently located nearby.”

Franick Road Services has its machines ready for winter and Bérubé is preparing for a busier season than last season but isn’t sure what to expect. Usually, the city of Ottawa receives 235 centimeters of snow each year. From January 1, 2010 to the end of the snow season, the city only received 77 centimetres. “Last year, there wasn’t a lot of snow so I figure this year must be better,” says Bérubé. We have only had one snowfall this season so we’ll see what will happen.”

Bérubé enjoys his job; he loves the satisfaction of a job well done and making money. But, when Bérubé wants to get out of the office, he gets behind the wheel of his four-wheeler and drives into the mountains for some R&R time.

Contact Frank at Franick Road Services Inc.: 613-236-9234

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