6 – CaseGuy for August 2010

Excavate for Nine Months of the Year and Golf for Three

Dave Wright, owner of Dave Wright Excavating, has owned Case equipment since he founded his company in 1971.
Dave Wright Excavating
The company does road building for residential and commercial sites, septic tanks, and other general excavation work around Ottawa, the city in which his company is based.

“Everyone is so busy in Ottawa,” says Wright. “I believe a lot of it is due to government stimulus. The amount of construction activity makes it very difficult to hire enough equipment operators.”

Wright sometimes works as an equipment operator when there is work to be done but he doesn’t have enough operators. He just completed a project laying down jersey barriers for OCTranspo.

“I really like Case,” says Wright. “Case is good on fuel and they offer great performance compared to other brands. We have little downtime, but when we do, Case mechanics respond quickly and the dealer does a very good job at stocking parts.”

Dave Wright owns about 30 pieces of equipment, about half of which are Case. He owns several backhoes, excavators, skid steers, and a track loader. He recently increased his fleet with the purchase of three new Case 580 Super M backhoes from J. R. Brisson.

“The service at J. R. Brisson is phenomenal,” exclaims Wright. “I have never had a problem.”

The Case 580SM backhoes are being rented out with an operator. They recently participated in the excavation work that was needed for changing two bridges on the Queensway. They excavated both sides of the bridges so the new bridges could be installed at a lower level and, after Dufferin Construction rolled out the old bridges and rolled in the new ones, the machines also performed the backfilling. The work was completed in less than 24 hours.

Wright really enjoys being around equipment and often escapes the office to visit job sites.

When the construction season is over, Wright puts away his equipment, leaves the cool Ottawa climate, flies to Florida and plays golf until the next construction season.

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