CaseGuy of the Month is proud to feature local Contractors who have chosen to trust and use Case Equipment for their business!

Find exclusive news and great videos of well known Ottawa and surrounding area based companies!

CaseGuy for April 2011 – Casselman Cement

CaseGuy for February 2011 – Mr. Jason Souliere

CaseGuy for January 2011 – Mr. Shane Provost

CaseGuy for December 2010 – Mr. Frank Bérubé

CaseGuy for September 2010 – Mr. Joel Goudreault

CaseGuy for August 2010 – Mr. Dave Wright

CaseGuy for July 2010 – Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario

CaseGuy for June 2010 – Mr. Ken Brown

CaseGuy for May 2010 – Mr. Maurice Yelle

CaseGuy for April 2010 – Mr. Adrian Schouten

CaseGuy for March 2010 – Mr. Dale Argue

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