Case Crawler Dozers

Case Bull-Dozers For Most Applications!

Features & Benefits

7 Panel Access for Easy and Outstanding Serviceability
Cab Tilt Capabilities
True Hydrostatic up to the 1850 (Planetary drive)
Highest Drawbar Pull in the Industry
49 Degree Track Shielding
Adjustable Shuttle Mode
Clipped Grousers

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Case 650L Bulldozer Features:

Four-cylinder Case Family IV engine, Tier 3 certified, delivers 74 net horsepower and provides clean burning power and plenty of torque to move more material per hour.
Hydrostatic, PowerStat drivetrain provides superior power to each track through large drive components.
High-performance blade hydraulics feature large pump/cylinders that deliver speed and power for optimum control and breakout force.
Low operating height allows for operation around low overhangs and makes it easier to transport.
Adjustable blade pitch to best match any soil conditions
Sloping track frame cover makes it easy to keep the undercarriage free of dirt, rocks and debris.
Narrow, modular dashboard and tapered hood provides a clear, direct line of sight to the cutting edge making it easy to see material flow under the blade.
Quieter, comfortable cab option and adjustable cab environment matches any operator preference.
Swing-out service panels and ground-line sight gauges speed up daily maintenance.

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  1. Hey Case Guy,

    Thanks for video. I’d like to link to it. Didn’t know much about the Case 650 L until I stumbled across your site. Great information.

  2. Dan says:

    Thanks for your comments! I apologize for the delay in response, I was at the Case Tomohawk Customer Center in Wisconsin. To link the video you can either copy the URL in the address bar or click the “video title” that will direct you to Youtube where you then click the “Embed” to get the caseguy video HTML code that you can insert within you site!

    Please let me know how it turns out!
    Thanks again,

  3. That’s great. I’m originally from outside Green Bay. Thanks for the information about the video. I put a plug on my site for you. Trying to find good resources for folks and you seem like one of ’em. Take care.

  4. admin says:

    Well I hope it provides for good content on your site and thanks for the plug, its appreciated. You can also find more of my video’s on Youtube under caseguy. Fell free to use ’em. I’ll soon be posting some really good presentation video’s of footage I took at Case Tomahawk Customer Center. Exclusively here!

  5. Hi Dan, this good blogs, thanks

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