New Case Backhoe N Series Tier 4

It’s my best backhoe yet says Shawn Kent “KENTEX”. “I’m saving approximately $450.00 per month compared to my last one and being on rental means a lot”. Shawn was asked how it performed with stone; reply “I went from a 1yd. bucket to 93” oversized 1 1/4yd. and its shoving through stone like no other”. Combined with Case’s Backhoe Power-Lift option – It really is an outstanding package.

I recently brought a Customer to see Shawn to get direct feedback regarding the new N series and Tier4 engine and as Shawn pointed out “the new 3.4L engine is really quiet but most of all very responsive”… “When re-generation occurs you barely notice it and don’t stop working or driving”.
A few notable changes to look forward to in the new Super N;
PowerLift – providing you the ability to move heavy objects with your backhoe where you couldn’t before. See specs – Catch basins, Man Holes… Bring it!
Tier4 3.4L Engine – Stronger Everywhere while saving on fuel.
Auto Ride Control, Master Shut Off, Side Lights, side windows etc…
The same great fast/light/nimble backhoe with many new Case leading Innovations! Always a Leader!


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