Rototilt 100% Rotation

Rototilt is revolutionizing the North American construction industry with it’s ability to dig, tilt and rotate in a single movement.

About Rototilt®

The flexible tool that broadens your possibilities

Rototilt is an exceptionally innovative and versatile excavator attachment that combines side tilt, rotation, and a hydraulic quick coupler all in one package.  It allows a bucket or other attachment to be rotated and tilted at the same time, making it simple to operate around or under obstacles, and for any type of ground contouring. The unique combination of continuous rotation and side tilt lets you approach your job from any angle and in tight work areas.

Rototilt is available in a complete range of models for machines from 3 to 30 tonne capacity.

Time Savings:

With the ability to work around all sorts of obstacles, to position the bucket or other attachments at any angle, and to minimize the need to reposition the machine, the Rototilt saves significant time in both basic and demanding tasks. Typical customer comments:

  • Minimum 30-40% time savings on most jobs”.
  • Paid for itself on the first project”.
  • Two times faster on grading and less labor”.
  • Up to 75% savings on landscaping”.
  • Half the time doing residential basements and leveling”.
  • Really shines on back filling”.
  • Sit in one spot – don’t have to move”.
  • Price work is where it shines”.
  • Light demolition work – 50% faster, cleaner, safer”.


Less Machines and Manpower:

With the multi-task ability of the Rototilt, most jobs can be done with less machines and manpower. A Rototilt equipped excavator can often perform the functions of multiple types of equipment. “Rototilt reduces the number of laborers you need and no other product can do that ”

Fuel Savings:

Reducing the number of machines required on many job sites, floating less machines between job sites, and performing most tasks with less machine running time can only result in significant improvements in overall fuel efficiencies. “Rototilt doesn’t cost – it saves”.


In all customer surveys, the one comment repeated was safety. Mainly as a
result of fewer laborers and less machine congestion.

Product Durability/Reliability:

The Rototilt is a proven product with thousands of units in operation in Europe, Canada, and the United States. The Rototilt is designed to withstand the machine’s full lift capacity and break out force. Many units in North America have well in excess of 10,000 hours.

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