Case Tomahawk Customer Center

Situated in the Woods of Tomahawk Wisconsin (North Central Wisconsin), amongst the huge Oak and Pine you will find an immaculate location where Mr. Drott, President of Drott Tractor Co. purchased 500 acres of land for the purpose of developing and showcasing product. Since the early 1900’s Mr. Drott would have people come stay on site so that they could see and test out equipment. Case later purchased the Drott Tractor Co. and with it came the land and tradition.

Case has maintained tradition and continued developing the property for training purposes and equipment demonstrations. As traditions continue Visitors to the Case Tomahawk Customer Center are greeted with home style hospitality in a rustic setting with all amenities needed to profit from your stay.

Lodges have private b-rooms and common areas to make it as relaxing and private as need be. Directly on the lake the site offers many diversities while off of the work/demo site. Do some fishing, play horseshoes, ping pong, pool or try your luck at a good game of poker (colleagues willing), Canadians best bring some US dough or at least win the first hand :-).


Get ready to enjoy some good eatin’…

The “Cook Shack” is the place. Tradition is spoken loudly here, in all forms.

Four wonderful and talented ladies drum up some of the best home cooked meals…I mean gut bustin delicious and they just keep pouring it on!

Here’s a little one for ya,


A BIG and special thanks to Darla and the Girls whose dedication goes noticed…(right in the waist line). Sure glad there’s no scales on site! I’m still trying to recover.

Case Tomahawk Customer Center, Darla and the Girls

Let’s not forget our reason for being!

Found on the far side of the lake in the woods approx. 2.5 kms away from the lodges is the Case Tomahawk Customer Center!

Case_Tomahawk_Customer_Center EntranceCase_Tomahawk_Customer_Center_New_Modern_Presentation_CenterCase_Tomahawk_Customer_Center_Inside_Presentation_Center

Here’s where you can view both machine and operator live from inside the newly built Customer Center. Product Specialists thoroughly present specific equipment. While a presenter inside goes through equipment specifics you can also view and listen as the operator goes through the various functions via head cam broadcasted live inside on flat screen so both video and audio are available for the audience. Simultaneously experience the ins/out of the equipment…very well done!



Afterwards you are taken for product walk around giving you a close-up of the equipment and its features.

The grounds provide for a full product line-up demonstration for Visitors from Rock Truck to Skidsteers. Test and learn about specific Case Equipment or even simulate working environments/situations.


The site is also host to a Learning Center where life size mock-ups are displayed and used to explain the in depth functionality and “robustness” (as Steve would put it :-)) of the machines. Engine information and displays are found here along with miniature and full size prototypes.

Case_Tomahawk_Customer_Center_Learning_CenterCase Tomohawk Learning CenterTomohawk Learning Center

New to Case Tomahawk Customer Center is a merchandise shop featuring Case Tomahawk memorabilia. Unfortunately is was not quite ready during my visit. Sorry no photo’s available yet.

A special thanks to Katie, Steve, Jeff and Robb for the outstanding hospitality and product demo’s. You guys are simply the best! You’re commitment, professionalism and dedication speaks for itself. Keep up the great work and hope to see you all in the near future.

Case Tomahawk Customer Center, Katie, Steve, Jeff and Robb

I would also like to extend my thanks to Russ and management and all the others in the background for the great attention to detail that has been and continues to be executed throughout the Case Tomahawk Customer Center. It is none other than superb.

My four day stay was great from beginning to end. I came back with a tremendous amount of diversified product knowledge. I was never shy regarding the Case product and even more confident now knowing that Case Equipment stands tall and takes a back seat to no one. I also had the opportunity to meet great people from across North America whom I hope to keep in contact with.

Case_Tomahawk_Customer_Center_Group Photo

Last but not least I’d like to thank my Boss Jill for providing me with the opportunity to first be part of the JR Brisson Case Equipment family and also affording me the chance to attend the Tomahawk “New Sales Person Training” session. Jill has dedicated a great part of her life to Case as she has been involved in most areas of the company for over forty years.

Overall, number one!

Thank you,


For more information on Case Tomahawk, see

To view live equipment demo’s simply go to the “Case Equipment” tab. They will be posted as they become available.

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